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Archive and Document Management Solutions

Gead is an integrated and modular archive management system for Microsoft Windows platforms. It uses the most advanced content management technologies allowing easy access to content through web search interface.
Supports authentication using biometric devices and RFID tagging.

The modules are integrated with e-mail. The system provides statistical indicators in the form of listings and maps (diagrams) and is able to produce all labels required for documents and collections technical treatment. It also has mechanisms to customise interfaces and data forms.


  • Description/Inventory;
  • Classification plans;
  • Archive groups;
  • Space management;
  • Web catalogue;
  • Administration;
  • Reporting;
  • Multimedia;
  • Thesaurus, Authority and Classification;
  • Seelctive dissemination of information;

1. Description(ISAD-G)/Inventory;
2. Web Content Display Option
3. Classification Plans;
4. Requests / Circulation;
5. Catalog for Invisuals;
6. Authorities (ISAAR-CPF);
7. Search / Search Profiles;
8. Selective dissemination of information
9. Multimedia streaming;
10. File Transfer;
11. Physical Space Management;
12. Reporting and statistics
13. Access Control;
14. Administration;
15. Web Portal;
16. Removal;
17. Audit;

The gead system covers all the information processing needs of an archive (administrative, historical …).